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Tribes make Solar Posted at 01/19/10 - 05:35 AM

New Mexico's Jemez Pueblo tribe is working a deal to use their land for solar energy production. They will be the first Native American tribe to use solar energy as a way to make revenue.  The 3,000 members of the tribe are working to harness the energy from their 30-acre site. They plan on setting up over 14,000 solar panels. A plan is now in the works to sell electricity to outsiders from their four-megawatt plant. The completed plant would be able to power about 600 homes.

Author: Greg

Recent studies suggest that technological progress has reduced payback times to 1.5 to 3.5 years for crystalline silicon PV systems.




Welcome to SolarDIYTips for Eco Friendly  Home Solar Power Solutions

Are you ready to take the step to energy freedom and get your Handyman Guide to Building a DIY Solar Panel

We will be bringing a stack of "How-To's" and DIY Tips on all things Solar.  Solar power and usage is a possibly the future of home-energy production. Up until now, solar panels have been somewhat costly to buy, but now we find that prices per solar cell and costper watt is falling as technology get better and production costs fall.

Once you've purchased your panels or cells and installed them, the money you save in the long run will become exponentially greater as energy prices increase. 


IF This is You - then we can help :

  • Maybe you are looking for info on building a solar panel.
  • You don't want to pay a pricey contractor to install it for you
  • You're a handyperson, capable with tools
  • You're looking for Eco-Friendly power ideas
  • Perhaps you've purchased your first solar panel
  • Looking for ways to cut  your power bills
  • Facts on using Solar Panels

Before you go off buying solar cells and bits-n-bobs to slap up solar panels all over the house or farm, take a moment to check the facts.  Make sure you have checked with your local zoning rules.
Make sure you have really good guide to lay out the project.  There's no point building a great panel if you don't have the instructions on how to hook it up to your storage or house.

We are going to show you how to use Simple, Practical solutions using Solar and Wind Power solutions that once set up will cut your bills & save you thousands of dollars.
big billsIt's hard to imagine life without electricity. In our homes, we rely on it to power our lights, appliances, and electronics. Many of us also use electricity to provide our homes with hot water, heat, and air conditioning, let alone the TV, computer and a gazillion of gadgets.  But as we use more electricity or gas in our homes to heat and cook, our electric and power bills rise. In turn, fossil-fueled power plants have to generate more electricity for us all that leads to more pollution. Our reliance on fossil-fuel resources threatens our bank balances, let alone national economies.
I live  where not only is the cost of living high but heating and power bills can get enormous especially in our cold snowy winters.  So - we had to find a solution to cut our costs just like you

With the increasing costs of living, it's time tsolar panelso stop throwing money out the window and start generating our own electricity. >>Click here if you want to jump straight to the information that helped me to cut  my power bills<< .

It's not hard to Build your own Solar Panel- as long as you have the right guidance
>>Find just how to make your own solar panels for LESS than $200<< - Be green, Live Green


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