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Tribes make Solar Posted at 01/19/10 - 05:35 AM

New Mexico's Jemez Pueblo tribe is working a deal to use their land for solar energy production. They will be the first Native American tribe to use solar energy as a way to make revenue.  The 3,000 members of the tribe are working to harness the energy from their 30-acre site. They plan on setting up over 14,000 solar panels. A plan is now in the works to sell electricity to outsiders from their four-megawatt plant. The completed plant would be able to power about 600 homes.

Author: Greg

Recent studies suggest that technological progress has reduced payback times to 1.5 to 3.5 years for crystalline silicon PV systems.




Reduce Electricity Usage

There are many ways you can reduce electricity use in your home and help reduce your energy bills. If you're interested in using a small renewable energy system to make your own electricity, reducing your electricity loads will help make your system more cost effective.  You can reduce electricity use in your home by focusing on how you use electricity in these areas :

  • Appliances and electronics
    Purchase energy-efficient products and operate them efficiently.  Look for the "Green" or Eco" ratings of the products, this even applies to TV's

  • Lighting
    Purchase energy-efficient products, operate them efficiently, and incorporate more daylighting into your home using energy-efficient windows and skylights.

  • Electric space heating and cooling
    Incorporate passive solar design concepts into your home, which include using energy-efficient windows. Properly insulate and air seal your home. Select an energy-efficient heating system that is efficient or even better, doesn't use electricity and operate them efficiently.

  • Electric water heating
    Purchase an energy-efficient electric water heater and operate it efficiently. Or select an energy-efficient water heater that doesn't use electricity.  Solar hot water can provide hot water even on cloudy days.



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