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Tribes make Solar Posted at 01/19/10 - 05:35 AM

New Mexico's Jemez Pueblo tribe is working a deal to use their land for solar energy production. They will be the first Native American tribe to use solar energy as a way to make revenue.  The 3,000 members of the tribe are working to harness the energy from their 30-acre site. They plan on setting up over 14,000 solar panels. A plan is now in the works to sell electricity to outsiders from their four-megawatt plant. The completed plant would be able to power about 600 homes.

Author: Greg

Recent studies suggest that technological progress has reduced payback times to 1.5 to 3.5 years for crystalline silicon PV systems.




Saving Money on Your Power Bill

Taking a few eco-friendly steps in your life does not have to be hard.  With just a few changes you can save energy, cut your fuel bills, save some money and have green bumper sticker with a clear conscience.  Using less energy can save you up to 20% on your power bills. - Be green, Live Green Here are some budget saver tips :

  • Turn your heating down, just 1 degree Celcius can save up to 10% on power bills
  • If you're feeling coldish - put on a jumper or cozy fleece before turning up the heater, the heating lag time is just wasted power and a fleece feels great
  • Turn your hot water thermostat down, you don't need to maintain scalding hot water, you just need a nice warm shower or washing water.  If you can't hold your hand in the hot water - it's too damn hot, turn it down and save power
  • Close the curtains at night and cut heat loss through your windows
  • Track down drafts with a smoking incence stick and if possible seal any draft
  • Fit draft stop or brush seals on exterior doors
  • Keep internal doors closed to reduce draughts
  • If you're not in a room, turn off the lights, if you're afraid of the dark, fit a motion sensor to a lamp so it comes on when you enter
  • When cooking, use a hotplate that fits the pot pan and use its lid to use heat efficiently
  • When doing your laundry, wash a full load each time or at least use the semi-load switch
  • Wash at 30 degrees Celcius, modern detergents work perfectly well and you save up to 30% power usage
  • Defrost your freezer regularly so it works efficiently
  • Track down everything that uses standby power - if it has a glowing LED, it's on standby.
  • Standby can use up to 25% of the full load energy, especially your computer sitting at home on standby, turn the suckers OFF
  • Don't over-fill the kettle for just one cup of coffee
  • Use low wattage energy-saving light bulbs where possible (dispose of them properly)

Most of these simple measure didn't cost you a red cent and will save you money and you can congratulate yourself at your first cost cutting and eco friendly steps.   How about taking on a simple DIY project such as planting some  summer shade trees, plant a veggie patch, or buy your fruit from a local market rather than from an overseas supplier (your supermarket).  Try something more technical like a DIY Solar Panel and hook it up to a roof cooling fan. Good luck being green.

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