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Tribes make Solar Posted at 01/19/10 - 05:35 AM

New Mexico's Jemez Pueblo tribe is working a deal to use their land for solar energy production. They will be the first Native American tribe to use solar energy as a way to make revenue.  The 3,000 members of the tribe are working to harness the energy from their 30-acre site. They plan on setting up over 14,000 solar panels. A plan is now in the works to sell electricity to outsiders from their four-megawatt plant. The completed plant would be able to power about 600 homes.

Author: Greg

Recent studies suggest that technological progress has reduced payback times to 1.5 to 3.5 years for crystalline silicon PV systems.




Wind Power

Small Wind Electric Systems
Small wind electric systems are one of the most cost-effective home-based renewable energy systems and are also nonpolluting.  If your location is good for a small wind electric system, it can do the following:

  • Lower your electricity bills by 50%–90%
  • Help you avoid the high costs of having utility power lines extended to a remote location
  • Help uninterruptible power supplies ride through extended utility outages.

Small wind electric systems can also be used for a variety of other applications, including water pumping on farms and ranches.

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  • How a Small Wind Electric System Works
    Learn the basics of how a small wind system produces electricity.
  • Evaluating a Potential Small Wind Turbine Site
  • Determine whether a small wind energy system would be feasible, practical, and economical for you.
  • Small Wind Electric System Components
  • Learn more about system components—turbines, towers, and balance-of-system parts.
  • Installing and Maintaining a Small Electric Wind System
  • Find out what you need to consider before you install a system


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